www.rvsp.co.uk - Roys Photography

http://www.grwe.co.uk GRWE - Greyhound Rescue West of England

http://www.sophiemacdougall.fsnet.co.uk Boxer website

http://www.netchows.com Chow Chow Site

www.chowpei.net  Chow Chow Site

www.dogclub.co.uk Site for all breeds of dog

www.ddtc.co.uk Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club site

www.saluki.org - Saluki site

www.dogfriendlybritain.co.uk - A very useful site full of information for dog owners

www.acorndogtraining.co.uk - A dog training specialist in Milton Keynes, with plenty of other interesting information.

www.artdesy.com - An Art Directory